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Intradiscal PRP: A Non-Surgical & Natural Solution For Back Pain

January 7, 2022

There is probably nothing that causes more fear and anxiety or hinders your ability to live your life comfortably than suffering from chronic physical pain. However, thanks to advances in the field of pain management, treatments to effectively address chronic pain at its source are available. 

At the offices of Palmetto Pain Management, we offer the skilled and experienced care required to identify the source of your pain and alleviate your discomfort while restoring optimal function. 

As everyone knows, back problems can literally stop you in your tracks.

It’s estimated that across the country, 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. From minor sprains to painful, debilitating spinal conditions, back problems can literally stop you in your tracks. Low back pain, in particular, is a leading cause of disability among adults 45 to 65+ years of age. 

A next level and non-surgical approach to care

When conservative approaches to care, including medication, lifestyle changes, and physical therapy fail to offer relief, and you continue to experience back and sciatic pain, we often recommend intradiscal PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma). 

While channeling your body’s amazing capacity for self-repair, an intradiscal PRP injection can alleviate discomfort while restoring function in spines affected by disc degeneration or injury. The basis for this regenerative method of care is that platelets contain components that naturally stimulate and promote cell growth, tissue repair, and healing.

 The benefits of intradiscal PRP injections 

  • A small volume of the patient’s blood is drawn and immediately and centrifuged (spin) for a few minutes and the blood sample separates into its platelet rich plasma regenerative components to perform a therapeutic intradiscal PRP injection.

Intradiscal PRP injections are image guided procedures and therefore are a precise and safe way to reliably enter and repair the degenerated or damaged disc by administering the beneficial cellular components where they are needed most. 

  • Our skilled, experienced specialists have received extensive training in regenerative medicine, its applications and providing intradiscal injections. They have performed thousands of intradiscal procedures.

Trusted care and advanced solutions to restore your quality of life

At the offices of Palmetto Pain Management, we understand the complex origins of pain and the safest most effective ways to achieve relief. Whether you are afflicted with discogenic pain as the result of an injury or degeneration, you can expect our specialists to identify the source of your discomfort and administer the regenerative treatment that can provide pain relief, enabling you to get back to your daily activities.