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Coping With Opioid Addiction (OUD) And Recovery During The Holidays

January 3, 2024

Although the holiday season in good times symbolizes a time of comfort and joy, it can be particularly challenging for individuals and their loved ones dealing with addiction.  More so than other times of the year, the holiday season is replete with emotional triggers, temptations, and stresses that can overwhelm someone with a substance abuse disorder and negatively impact recovery.

As everyone knows, whether you’re dealing with OUD or another substance abuse disorder, navigating a path to recovery is difficult, even under the best of circumstances. With that said, the intensity of family dysfunction, relationship conflicts, loneliness, grief, depression, and the financial strain that surrounds the holidays can increase and lead to setbacks and relapse. Further complicating this stressful time, the holiday season may offer the added temptation of celebrations involving or inspiring drug and alcohol use.

Addiction recovery and a path to wellness

At the offices of Palmetto Pain Management, we offer the added support and compassionate treatment individuals dealing with OUD benefit from and particularly at holiday time.. As skilled and experienced specialists, we understand the complexities of OUD and the challenges one encounters in the recovery process. To help individuals stop using, get through withdrawal, and cope with the urges to resume drug use, we provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT); a combination of medication and behavioral therapy, 

Medication-assisted-treatment: Buprenorphine (Suboxone) and counseling

Evidence-based research demonstrates that a two-pronged approach to opioid addiction best supports the recovery process. While counseling addresses the behavioral and emotional issues associated with OUD, medication is needed to address the physical challenges. At (the office of) Palmetto Pain Management, we’re trained and certified to prescribe BUPRENORPHINE (Suboxone) in various forms including tablets, film and injectable. As an FDA-approved buprenorphine-based medication for treating OUD, BUP blocks the urges and cravings for opioids while eliminating (alleviating) withdrawal symptoms.

Skilled and compassionate care to support recovery

At the offices of Palmetto Pain Management, our professional team integrates the medical and therapeutic care needed to support recovery from AUD (alcohol use disorder, BUD (benzodiazepine) and OUD . We understand the unique difficulties individuals face each day, especially the stresses, triggers, and temptations this time of year may present.  As the holidays draw near, feel free to reach out to our office for a consultation and care.