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When It Comes To Stem Cell Therapy, Seek Reputable Care

January 14, 2022

Everyone has heard the expression, "Buyer Beware!" but did you know it also applies to stem cell therapy? As astonishing as it sounds, recently published studies indicate the number of U.S. businesses selling unlicensed and unproven stem cell therapies and interventions has skyrocketed! As a matter of fact, from 2016 to 2021, the number of unlicensed companies and clinics touting non-FDA-approved "so-called" miracle cures has increased fourfold. 

Let's face it; everyone is susceptible to high-powered marketing claims that promise to cure our illnesses, alleviate our aches and pains, and turn back hands of time. With that said, these businesses and clinics capitalize on people's hope, suffering, and despair by using misleading advertising and predatory marketing techniques. Plus—risky, costly, and ineffective, these treatments often fall short of what's promised. 

Experiencing the full benefits of stem cell therapy from a qualified medical professional

Yet, regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy offer significant therapeutic value! When FDA-approved regen procedures are accurately (with imaging) and appropriately administered, they can safely and effectively stimulate new and healthy tissue growth and catalyze the body's capacity to self-heal. The key is to seek qualified medical attention and care. 

Safe and proven treatment methods

At the office of Palmetto Pain Management, we focus on FDA-approved therapies that offer an established track record of effectiveness and safety. Moreover, our doctors have trained at some of the most prestigious programs worldwide and frequently administer regenerative medicine treatments.

Our founder, Dr. Ezra Riber, is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. He currently serves as president/CEO of SCSIPP (the SC state society for ASIPP) (American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians). His associate, Dr. Jennifer Stanislaus, is also an accomplished Anesthesiologist, Pain Medicine specialist, and SCSIPP board member (treasurer) 

Skilled care you can trust

Drs. Riber and Stanislaus value the trust patients place in our office and remain dedicated to providing the highest quality of state-of-the-art care in a warm, supportive, and friendly environment.