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Treating An Opioid Addiction

January 1, 2022

As everyone knows, the opioid crisis has had devastating consequences on individuals and their loved ones across the nation. The numbers are both alarming and upsetting. According to the CDC, drug overdose deaths across the United States rose close to 30% in 2020. Furthermore, 75% of the estimated 93,331 drug overdose deaths involved opioids.  

Opioid addiction affects the young, the old, and every socioeconomic class. While for those addicted to prescription opioids, what starts as a way to relieve moderate to severe pain can, in some cases, turn into dependency and addiction. In terms of illegal opioids, heroin addiction, especially heroin mixed with fentanyl, is also rising.

Recovery begins with finding the right care

Because opioids pose such a high risk for dependency and addiction, treatment and recovery are challenging. Charting a path to a drug-free life is a long road that requires skilled, compassionate, and personalized care. At Palmetto Pain Management, we understand the complexities of drug dependency and addiction and offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help individuals stop using the drug, get through withdrawal, and cope with the urges to resume drug use. 

We provide understanding care; getting to know our patients, their families, and the unique challenges they face in recovery. Our integrated approach includes medication, in-office counseling, and referrals for supportive therapy. While striving to treat an opioid use disorder, we also work to sustain recovery, and prevent an overdose. 

As part of our medication-assisted-treatment protocol for opioid addiction, we’re trained and certified to prescribe Suboxone.  While this medication reduces the urge for opioids, it also reverses their effects, thereby alleviating the difficulties of drug withdrawal and offering a viable solution for recovery. 

For experienced care you can trust

At the offices of Palmetto Pain Management, we combine evidence-based treatment for drug dependency and addiction with skilled and compassionate care.  You can count on our office to be there for you and your loved ones every step of the way. For more information on our office and the services we provide, give us a call today.