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Experience Relief With A Nerve Block

November 21, 2022

At the office of Palmetto Pain Management, we understand the complex origins of pain utilize the most advanced diagnostic tools and leading-edge treatment modalities to alleviate your suffering and optimize your ability to function. 

Nerve blocks offer a valuable tool in the diagnosis and management of pain.

By performing a nerve block, our office can help patients suffering from chronic pain get the relief they require. A nerve block may be recommended to restore greater comfort and function comfortable function when other treatments, such as pain or anti-inflammatory medicines, rest, and physical therapy, do not offer sufficient relief. A nerve block not only achieves quick results but also provides relief that can last for several days and even up to several months.

A nerve block essentially “turns off” the signal transmitting pain along the path of the nerve, thereby providing relief and allowing the damaged nerve time to heal.  

As skilled specialists, we offer several types of nerve blocks to help treat and manage pain as well as identify the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Getting a nerve block

A nerve block involves the precision placement of a needle and the injection of medication in or around a nerve or into the spine. It relieves pain by interrupting how pain signals are sent to your brain. Nerve blocks are performed with the assistance of imaging systems to visualize internal structures as the needle is guided to the injection site. Whether one nerve block suffices or additional to achieve longer-lasting relief are required, we can help. 

Whatever your specific needs may be, you can rest assured our skilled and experienced team of specialists will determine your best options in care. 

At the office of Palmetto Pain Management, our ultimate goal is to identify the source of your pain and relieve your discomfort. Whether your pain is the result of an injury, joint problem, backache, a neck disorder, or as an aftereffect of certain medical conditions or treatment, you can rely on our office for the latest and most advanced interventional pain management techniques to restore optimal comfort and improve your quality of life.